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The Star's Share


162 photographs

in black and white of figures from the worlds of cinema, music, photography, the arts, sport, wine and gastronomy.

1 wine glass

a bond symbolizing friendship and moments shared. An object that brings people together. It is the perfect embodiment of this heartfelt and intimate project.


Pénélope Cruz, actress

On-the-spot images capturing moments that are lived, not staged

Armed with his Leica camera, Gérard-Philippe Mabillard captures only what is natural. The image is spontaneous, a snapshot of an encounter under natural light. The photographer’s subject slowly opens up, sharing a moment of human compassion.


Sir Christopher Hampton, movie director

Witnessing a journey

The Stars’ Share, a record of a personal journey of openness and acceptance. Texts by renowned writers and artists put their cherished artistic figures into words. The photographer himself puts pen to paper to describe his experiences and expand on a selection of his portraits with written tributes.


Javier Bardem, actor

The freedom of a wine glass

In a nod to the origins of both the Fondation Moi pour Toit and Gérard- Philippe Mabillard himself, the glass bears the Vins du Valais logo. Every person approaches the glass differently and, depending on their imagination and individual tastes, they can put whatever they want inside (tea, water, flowers, wine, fruit or nothing at all).

In aid of the children of Pereira, Colombia


The Fondation Moi pour Toit is a private, Swiss charita- ble foundation based in Valais, which helps disadvan- taged children from Pereira in Colombia. Since 1987, it has managed its own accommodation, education and comprehensive training program. At the helm is Christian Michellod, a sports journalist and the founder of this enduring labor of love.

The foundation comes to the aid of abandoned, ill-treated, abused and rejected children, as well as children at extreme risk in their own family environ- ment. These children are accommodated full-time, as if they belong to a large family. The foundation has been officially recognized by the Colombian gov- ernment and the Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF) since 1992.

In the 35 years that it has been active, the foundation has cared for more than 10,000 children with a three- fold objective: to give them shelter, an education and hope for the future with dignity and love.

The foundation works on the principle of direct aid. There is no intermediary between the management in Switzerland and in Colombia. Every franc donated is used for its intended purpose, with Swiss costs being covered by the sale of clothes, crafts, coffee and other support campaigns. It costs 3,000 Swiss francs per day to run the foundation in Colombia, and its only resources come from private donations or events organized for its benefit.

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